Happy New Year 2009!

Here at TrimGuide.com, at the end of the year we like to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments of 2008 and our goals of 2009.  Since our success here would be impossible without your support, we wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our readers.  We know 2008 was a difficult year for most, but here’s to knowing that made us all a bit wiser and that the lessons learned will boost us father than we were when we hit October.

Happy New Years everyone.  Here’s to a wonderful, happy, and prosperous 2009!


After having spent time researching the correct spelling, it turns out they’re both correct!  Molding is more commonly used here in the US, but the orgins of the world come from Europe where the proper spelling is moulding.  At TrimGuide.com, we’ll use the words interchangeably to spice it up.


We’re launching a series of 10 quick tips to insure you get the most of your investment in the trim in your house. Designed to give you the quick and dirty without having to read pages and pages, we hope this guide provides you the insight that only the pros know!


Few people realize that what really gives trim, especially crown molding, that wow factor, are the shadows that it throws. What?!? Yes, you heard us right. Trim is usually a subtle addition to a room, but the shadows are what make it pop. Since crown molding is installed up high, light doesn’t hit it directly, accentuating the shadowing. In order to capitalize on this little-known trick, always select trim with sharp, crisp lines and deep curves. When picking out trim, regardless of what its made, you should easily be able to differentiate between transition areas of shapes. Edges should feel sharp, curves and ravines deep. Depth and sharpness are what create the shadows between light and dark. Ensuring you select trim with the right crispness will mean you’ll get the biggest impact for your dollar when installing crown molding.

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