Trim is an overall word used in the building community that can range from crown moulding, baseboards, window sills, door trim, exterior siding, and even soffit and facia.  So why create this site?

It started with a client that wanted to install crown molding in her house.  But she wanted to get educated first – and there weren’t any resources out there to help her.  Thousands of homeowners are adding trim to their house because it’s an easy way to add value and class, quickly and inexpensively.  But how does one sort through all the options?  Where do you start?  Here, hopefully.  We’ll review styles and suppliers.  We’ll talk to architects and contractors to find out what they’re doing today for their discerning homeowners.  We’ll show you how to videos and before and after photos.  Hopefully, you’ll leave here with a great sense of how to use trim to increase the beauty of your home.

With over 17 years experience in high-end, custom building, TrimGuide.com was conceieved by Mark & Nicole Florence, founders of Florence Builders LLC, to help the general public sort through the wealth of confusing information in the marketplace.  We’re based right outside of Denver and Boulder, Colorado.  Never hesitate to contact us with suggestions, ideas, or feedback.  We’d love to hear from you!

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