Thick, wide crown molding and trim for the price of narrow!

If you’ve ever compared thicknesses of crown molding, you’ll notice a significent difference in price. Thin crown molding is dramatically less expensive than wide, but unfortunately often times doesn’t have the kind of impact that our clients would like. And given these tough economic times, many of our clients end up settling with the thin, less expensive, and less dramatic options. Here’s a little trick we picked up to keep costs low but still get the effect.

When you pick out your crown molding, pick out the narrow kind. But also pick out a simple piece of narrow TRIM as well. Install the crown molding in the normal fashion. Measure down a couple of inches (wherever you invisioned your wider crown molding would end) and install the trim ending at that point. This should leave a couple of inches of bare wall in between the trim and the crown molding. Paint the crown molding, the wall, and the trim all the same color (ideally a glossier finish than whatever your wall was). Viola. Your eye is tricked into thinking the crown molding, the wall, and the trim are all one piece. Fantastic!

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