Tip #2 – What color to paint crown molding?

One question we get frequently is what color to paint crown molding.  If your walls have a color, should you use a contrasting color (such as white) on the molding?

While many people do, it’s not a hard and fast rule.  If your using crown molding in a room with a low ceiling height (8′ or less), we suggest you paint the crown molding and baseboards the same color as the wall color.  Using a contrasting color, or white, on the moldings will actually make the ceiling feel lower than it is, while painting in the same color give the illusion of height.

Additionally, if you’re installing moldings in a crowded or narrow hallway or room, it may make the room feel to busy to have wall colors that contrast with the trim colors.  Consider painting them all the same, the exception being the one main door to the room.  Putting the same color on all the walls, trim, and doors (sans the main door) will reduce the clutter and stress of the room and make the main door pop.

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