What color to paint crown molding?

I seem to get this question a lot these days, given people are installing more crown molding to help the sale of their houses.  Here are just a couple of tips to make the decision easier on you:

  1. Never paint crown molding white!  Crown molding will collect dust, and then it will look dingy.  So unless you want to dust it frequently, paint it an off white color instead of white.
  2. Paint the crown molding a different color than the ceiling and the wall.  It makes the crown molding pop more.  Ideally, you’ve painted the crown molding the same color as the window, door, and floor trim.
  3. Paint the crown molding the same color in the whole house.  It will create a unification of your home.  There are exceptions to this however.  For example, if you have one unique room that has exposed stained wood beams, you might want the molding to match the beams.

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